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Paddle Handle Boards

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  • Zambezi Teak Wood (Commonly known as Rhodesian Teak, and/or African Teak & Mukusi) is a Southern African leguminous timber tree (Baikiaea plurijuga) with very hard moderately heavy reddish-brown wood that is highly resistant to insect attack and is used especially for Furniture, Food Preparation & Serving Boards, Block Flooring, Decking, Doors & Frames, etc.
  • Zambezi Teak has a worldwide reputation as one of the most striking exotic hardwoods available and is the perfect hardwood we use to manufacture the Food Boards & Cooking Accessories.
  • In fact, Zambezi Teak is famous for its high oil content, high tensile strength, tight & fine grain which has a high resistance to wear.
  • Due to the high oil content, teak is known to be durable even when it is not treated with oil or varnish. The wood’s natural oils make it resistant to water, as well as to rot, fungi, and mildew.


*Currently all FoodBoards have a Nominal Thickness of 20mm (2cm)
*Other Dimensions & Thicknesses can be made on Request and Prices On Application

  • Our FoodBoards are handcrafted and made mostly from Reclaimed/Recycled and off-cuts from Teak furniture manufacturers.
  • Both sides, in most instances, can be used.
  • Juice Grooves & Easy-Lift features are optional.
  • Our FoodBoards are BPA-free and contain no toxic chemicals.

Our Warranty

Our Products come with a six (6) month applied warranty.

The guarantee does not cover chipping, mishandling and improper use.

If in the first six months of you having received your goods you find that they have a manufacturing defect, you are entitled to return the goods without penalty and at your discretion.

FoodBoards will repair and replace the defective goods or refund you the purchase price that you have paid. We reserve the right to send the goods for a technical assessment to determine what the cause of the defect is.


  1. Visuals for illustrations only as specifications vary on type and size of Boards.
  2. Please note all sizes are Nominal approximations only – due to the unique handcrafted/machined timber cut variance, from plank to plank)
  3. Variances in terms of grain and colour will occur due to selection of timber availability at time of manufacture.
  4. Engraving Disclaimer: Timber is a natural product, which varies in terms of grain and colour, and every engraving will produce differently. For the purpose of sale, the primary images of our products are for illustration purposes only. Engravings will adopt the characteristics of the timber, and will not always be a solid or consistent block of colour.



Zambezi Teakwood


Cutting Board

Available Sizes

30cm x 15cm, 30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 30cm, 50cm x 30cm

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